the auramores story


Our Story: Scents to Adore

In the heart of vibrant Singapore, where every day feels like a warm embrace, auramores was created. Recognizing the unique challenges of the humid weather and our profound love for our furry friends, we set out on a mission to create an aromatic and refreshing grooming experience like no other.

Nature's Gift: Rooted in the lush landscapes of Singapore, auramores draws inspiration from the enchanting scents of nature. Each fragrance is a tribute to the natural beauty that surrounds us, transforming ordinary grooming sessions into aromatic journeys.

True Bliss: In the heart of the tropics, we created a grooming experience that embodies pure gentle care. Our tear-free hypoallergenic formulas ensure that your pets' comfort is our priority.

Enduring Fragrance: Every drop of auramores carries the essence of nature's fragrances, carefully crafted to last. We transform ordinary moments into aromatic celebrations, making every interaction with your pet delightful.

Enriching Bonds: In the heart of our brand lies the belief that our relationship with our pets is sacred. auramores is not just about grooming; it’s about spending quality time with our companion. Through fragrant cuddles and shared moments, we aim to strengthen the bond that makes your family complete.